Solar Alternative and Ass. Programs

I had the great opportunity to live in Patna, India while working for Solar Alternatives and Associated Programs (SAAP). SAAP is an alternative energy company, developing, manufacturing, and installing solar PVs, battery storage systems, and solar thermal water heaters. I worked as part of a development team on a solar thermal refrigeration system. SAAP was a manufacturing business without resources for major development, and we were brought in on a short term basis to progress the project. The cycle was difficult to design in itself, not to mention the limited building resources available to us locally. The cycle had only been demonstrated in labs in the US, so it was quite a challenge to build a working system in rural India. We spent the majority of our time creatively trying to solve problems with available resources. The cycle required extremely low pressure and therefore, a majority of our time was spent building pipe concepts that would limit leakage. In the end, we were able building a functioning prototype, although, much robustness is needed to be built into the system before it is operational. I found it satisfying to come up with out of the box solutions with limited resources in an unknown environment. 


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