Charlie Weikert

Product Manager @ Astrohaus

I make products. I particularly love working on consumer products that incorporate electronics to do something interesting and useful. For me, this all started a long time ago when I was a silly high schooler who got hooked on yo-yos – and then I went and invented my own.

While getting my degree in mech engineering at the University of Dayton (go ‘yers) I worked with 2 local organizations in Bolivia and India to design an industrial wood drying system and a solar thermal refrigeration system, respectively. Working in India and Bolivia taught me a lot about having empathy in the workplace and working across cultures. After graduating, I worked at Rolls-Royce where I validated electrical designs by testing gas turbine engines for 2 years before I found my way back to making consumer products at Astrohaus.

I was hired at Astrohaus as the 1st employee after they successfully raised over $300k on Kickstarter for the Freewrite, a distraction free writing device. We have shipped thousands of Freewrites to over 50 countries in the last 2+ years. In addition to the Freewrite, I have brought to market a variety of accessories, collaborating with designers and Asian manufacturers.

These days, I am busy developing and prototyping products at Astrohaus. We experimented in 2017 with a quirky smart home device, Clapboss. In 2018 we launched Freewrite Traveler, a little brother to the Freewrite, raising over $600k on Indiegogo. Working with our amazing team and partners, I own Traveler’s new product introduction, including development and manufacturing.

In my free time, I take every opportunity I can to get outdoors, cook, and hone my woodworking skills. Sometimes, I also design and build alarm clocks.