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Lessons learned from Clapboss

Some nice things have been said about it at The Verge & Techcrunch

Clapboss is a smart home toy. It is a clap triggered smart home controller, designed to be playful and whimsical. You clap and it does stuff for you!

This project was born to be the antithesis to Amazon’s Alexa. Instead of a black cylinder that told you the weather, this would be a small character that you clapped at to play music or order a pizza. I managed the entire product development process on Clapboss and took a lot of ownership over the project. We worked with external teams on a variety of different clap detection solution including using tensorflow to use AI to detect claps. We wanted a cheap solution that would accurately detect claps, for us, AI wasn’t there yet. We have developed working prototypes, an entire brand, and produced a video. You’ll be hearing more about Clapboss soon!

In late 2017, we ran a Kickstarter campaign for Clapboss. We did not have the response that we had hoped for with the project launch. Bouncing back from the setback was challenging for me. As a way to process the failure, I made a list of lessons learned, check it out here. We are still working on finding the right avenue for Clapboss to make it to market.


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