Wholestory Hammocks is a social enterprise that was started to help contribute to alleviating poverty in the world by exporting handmade artisanal goods and recycling the profits back to build homes in local communities. Starting with handmade hammocks from Nicaragua and partnering with a local non-profit, WholeStory Hammocks builds a home in El Sauce, Nicaragua for every 100 hammocks they sell in the US.

One of the co-founders, Colin Johnson, is a good friend, and asked if I would help with a growth strategy they were implementing to diversify their product offerings. I was tasked with designing hammock stands for his hammocks with our main goal being to develop a stand that could be used as interior furniture for customers.

WholeStory used a prototype I built to win a business plan competition, pitching the new product line expansion as an integral part of the business’ future. WholeStory has since started selling hammock chairs, not of my exact design, but a chair design that can be manufactured by Nicaraguan workers.


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